Important Pub(lic) League Hurling and HS Youth Football Matches in Chapel Hill!



Uncle Sam Needs You Raleigh GAA!

The inaugural Hurling match for UNC GAA takes place against Raleigh GAA this Sunday at McDougle Middle School (900 Old Fayetteville Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27516) from 10am. The UNC club has high hopes to make it to the collegiate national
tournament in May, and this match is ESSENTIAL to helping that happen. It’s been 2 years since the formation of the club and it’s important for their continued development that these events are well attended. UNC has provided great support to Raleigh GAA hosted events and we are asking anyone who can make the journey to return that support this Sunday at 10am. Drinks and celebrations will follow in Chapel Hill following the Youth GAA event (see below).

Youth GAA: Calling all HIGH-SCHOOL AGED Gaelic Football Players!

All high school-aged Gaelic Footballers are invited to play alongside a group of high school kids from the Durham School of the Arts (DSA), and alongside adult Raleigh GAA Gaelic footballers in a friendly game against UNC GAA this Sunday at 11am. The game will take place after the UNC GAA vs Raleigh GAA hurling game which starts at 10am at McDougle Middle School
(900 Old Fayetteville Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27516).

If your child is interested in playing Gaelic football with the DSA kids, please email the DSA coach Mike Barbaza at so he has an idea of additional numbers ahead of time.

Upcoming Hurling and Football Events!

We are invited by Hampton Roads to play in Hurl-o-ween on this Sunday (10/30) at Fort Monroe, VA. Please contact our pub league coordinator Mia ( if you want more details or plan to attend.
We will then play football back at Martin Middle School on 11/6. Hurling will follow on 11/13 as the UNC club is putting together an event to showcase the sport to the UNC student body. Time and location will follow, but having a strong Raleigh team to play against on that day will only help grow the UNC squad, so mark your calendars!
Lastly, we now have confirmation that the Triangle Pub(lic) League Championship Matches in both football and hurling will take place at Poole Road on 11/20.

Triangle Pub(lic) League in Full Swing!

A robust fall league of hurling and football is underway, with a few matches completed and more to come! It’s not to0 late to join the action, but you need to contact league coordinator Mia Jafari (


Here’s a recap of the first matches:

Week 1 Hurling.

Raleigh Green( 24) v. House Red (12)

With a strong showing from green team’s roster, they were able to win the first match up of the newly dubbed Triangle Gaelic Sports Pub(lic) League. Green team is composed of Sean Higgins and Chris Cox who make the drive to Raleigh from their respective parts of North Carolina and were essential to Green Team’s victory.  Enda, Joe and Justin are seasoned members of the Raleigh GAA brought experience on the defensive side. The lone female on the pitch this week was Mia Jafari, hoping for fellow ladies to come join in the upcoming weeks. The House team was made up of UNC players, Shane, Sandra, and Steve Shannon and two new comers from Milwaukee’s Hurling Club. Rebecca and Jerry were welcomed additions and we are excited to see them on the pitch in the future. In the first half Red fell behind early, but with the transition of Shane from full back to midfield in the second half they were able to put points on the board. Jerry stellar goal keeping make goals hard, and Green had to start taking their opportunity at points. Overall it was a great match up between Green and Red.

Raleigh White (15) – UNC Blue (5)

The second game of the afternoon had many if not all of the same players on the field once again. However, alliances were switched. Sean Higgins traded the Green for Blue and played with the UNC team. There are a couple veterans on the UNC team that have triple duties, Samuel Haddad and Ciaran. These two organize, coach and play, bringing up and working with the mostly new players that make up the UNC roster. Raleigh white players took a more prominent role in this game, Shane, Nick Holmes, Steve Shannon, Larre Reeves and Ed Quinn coming out for their first game. White team started to score, and score often. Steven Shannon, Chris Cox, and Ed were relentless as they peppered the offensive side with goal and point opportunities. UNC however kept fight until the end, finishing the match with a goal that brought the game to a 10 point differential.  Credit to John McNeilly who played where we asked and officiated half of the last game and to Enda who officiated the second half. Aoife was the official score keeper and timer for this week.

Week 2 Football

Raleigh Green (11) v House Red (8)

Similar to the first week UNC made up most of the House team with addition of Steve Shannon. Green team did field a large contingency this week, the team made up of Chris Cox, Aoife, Mia Jafari, Joe Nett, Enda Wiseman, Zack Lord and Stacey Shields. We luckily had white team to come to our aid and provide some subs against the younger red team. Raleigh green created some space in the scoring as Mia Jafari and Stacey Shields provided 4 of the 8 points in the first game. However Red kept the pressure on as some soccer transfers used their fancy footwork and speed to gain position and score a couple goals. It will be an interesting season to see where these teams end up with a couple weeks of fine tuning their skills.

Raleigh White v UNC Blue

We played a shorten game as Raleigh white’s showing this past week was a little slim. Diehards Steven Shannon, Nick Holmes, Sarah Mills, Andy and Larre Reeves all made a good showing. In lieu of a Raleigh v UNC match we split the teams and played a short 20 minute game to work on skills and game play. The match was tight and at the end of the day Team 1 (7) v Team 2 (3). UNC will get the victory this week for bring a full team and a strong first game against the Raleigh Green. Luckily we have 2 weeks of football left to keep the standard interesting. Steven Shannon finished the day officiating the games. Thank you for everyone that came out for this second weekend!

Here’s a brief schedule of upcoming league matches:

10/16 McDougle Middle School-Chapel Hill (Football)
10/23 Martin Middle School-Raleigh (Hurling)
11/6 Martin Middle School-Raleigh (Football)
11/13 McDougle Middle School-Chapel Hill (Hurling)
11/20 League Championships Weekend for Football and Hurling (Location TBD)
unca-gaa raleigh-gaa

September 27 Update!

The Public League began last Sunday at Martin Middle School and a full schedule of football and hurling matches are planned for the next month or so. If you still wish to participate it’s not too late, please contact our League Coordinator Mia ( for more details.

After a pulsating All Ireland Final between Mayo and Dublin ended in draw, the teams will come together again on October 1st at 12pm to see if a winner can be determined. Please come and watch the action at the
Hibernian Pub on Glenwood Ave.

Thanks to everyone who visited and volunteered at the Feis in the Forest event last week in Wake Forest. Special thanks to Nick, Enda and Andy who manned the Raleigh GAA booth during the event.

Gaelic Sports Festival Update

The Raleigh GAA Gaelic Sports Festival on Saturday is as of now, still going ahead as planned from 10am
till 2 at 7417 Poole Road.

All rain is supposed to clear from the Raleigh area on Saturday morning

We will be monitoring the situation closely and will send a final update
to everyone Friday evening.

Drive on!