Sunday Scrimmage and AGM News!

A belated happy new year from Raleigh GAA!!

This Sunday 15th Jan at Martin Middle School 10am – 12
Now that the snow has left us and balmy 70 degree temperatures have
returned, why not join your fellow club mates for a hastily arranged game
of Gaelic Football and hurling? It is the perfect opportunity to burn off
that winter excess, to get out any frustation you had at being house bound
last weekend or even catch up on the latest banter from your friend’s
lives. Plus, the temperatures on Sunday are perfect for playing sport
All are welcome.
PS. Whoever has the hurleys, sliothars and footballs, please bring them.
They probably will come in handy….

Saturday Jan 21st AGM
Just in case you have forgotten, please pencil Sat 21st at 2pm (Location:
Dos Toquitos Glenwood Ave)  into your diaries for the most important club
meeting of the year – our Annual General Meeting.
It will be your chance to have your voice heard and we need to hear from
you, as 2017 is a very important year for the club. Again, everyone is

Christmas Party –Tomorrow Night!

The Raleigh GAA Christmas Party will take place at the Hibernian Pub (Glenwood) on Saturday December 10th from 7.45pm to the wee hours. Food will be served and after dessert, we will be handing out the yearly awards. Most Improved Footballer, Most Improved Hurler, Most Improved Ladies Footballer and Club Person Of The Year are on offer. Come down and enjoy the last official club event of the year, the beer will surely flow as will the stories from the past year. If you haven’t managed to make it out to many club events this season, the last one of the year is the one not to be missed!

Pub(lic) League Championship Weekend and Youth Event!

The Pub(lic) League Championship matches for Football and Hurling are upon us this weekend. Taking place at the Raleigh Rugby Complex (7417 Poole Rd, Raleigh. 27610), games will begin at 10.30am on Sunday 20th November. The winning Captains of each match will carry away handcrafted trophies designed by our league coordinator Mia. Drinks/celebrations/commiserations will occur at the conclusion of the Youth event.
Youth Event!
On Sunday at 1:30pm, we’re running mini Gaelic football and hurling games for the approximate age group of 8-12 year olds. We’ll aim for one football game, 15 minutes a half, and one hurling game, 15 minutes a half. We will provide hurls and helmets if you don’t have your own. These games will be held after the conclusion of the Championship Sunday games (parents welcome to play in those games!) at the Raleigh Rugby Complex (7417 Poole Rd, Raleigh. 27610). Please email Dara Ó hAnnaidh ( if you think you will be bringing your child or children to this event so we can plan for numbers!

Important Pub(lic) League Hurling and HS Youth Football Matches in Chapel Hill!



Uncle Sam Needs You Raleigh GAA!

The inaugural Hurling match for UNC GAA takes place against Raleigh GAA this Sunday at McDougle Middle School (900 Old Fayetteville Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27516) from 10am. The UNC club has high hopes to make it to the collegiate national
tournament in May, and this match is ESSENTIAL to helping that happen. It’s been 2 years since the formation of the club and it’s important for their continued development that these events are well attended. UNC has provided great support to Raleigh GAA hosted events and we are asking anyone who can make the journey to return that support this Sunday at 10am. Drinks and celebrations will follow in Chapel Hill following the Youth GAA event (see below).

Youth GAA: Calling all HIGH-SCHOOL AGED Gaelic Football Players!

All high school-aged Gaelic Footballers are invited to play alongside a group of high school kids from the Durham School of the Arts (DSA), and alongside adult Raleigh GAA Gaelic footballers in a friendly game against UNC GAA this Sunday at 11am. The game will take place after the UNC GAA vs Raleigh GAA hurling game which starts at 10am at McDougle Middle School
(900 Old Fayetteville Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27516).

If your child is interested in playing Gaelic football with the DSA kids, please email the DSA coach Mike Barbaza at so he has an idea of additional numbers ahead of time.

Upcoming Hurling and Football Events!

We are invited by Hampton Roads to play in Hurl-o-ween on this Sunday (10/30) at Fort Monroe, VA. Please contact our pub league coordinator Mia ( if you want more details or plan to attend.
We will then play football back at Martin Middle School on 11/6. Hurling will follow on 11/13 as the UNC club is putting together an event to showcase the sport to the UNC student body. Time and location will follow, but having a strong Raleigh team to play against on that day will only help grow the UNC squad, so mark your calendars!
Lastly, we now have confirmation that the Triangle Pub(lic) League Championship Matches in both football and hurling will take place at Poole Road on 11/20.